San Jose, Calif. – Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. original Founding Father Tony Arreola donated $100,000 to the NAK National Alumni Association’s Scholarship Fund yesterday at the inaugural NAK Alumni Convention!

This money will go toward scholarships for our brothers in college who display outstanding academic achievement, leadership and contributions to society.

“Nu Alpha Kappa and my college experience at Cal Poly have given me back so much over the years…The Arreola Family Award is my way of paying it forward by helping NAK brothers graduate from college,” Arreola said.

“The Arreola Family Award was made in honor of my grand parents Marin F. Arreola and Carmen H. Arreola and other Arreola family members that have worked tirelessly and have sacrificed much to help younger Arreola family members graduate from college and be able to provide a better quality of life for their family.”

“The Arreola Family Award is a symbol that represents all the hard work and sacrifice that families make in an effort to help their children attain the American dream…”

We are extremely thankful for this donation – this massive generosity is a spark that will help NAK ascend to the next level as an organization.

“The National Alumni Association is honored to have received a $100k scholarship endowment gift from Founding Father Tony Arreola, Nicolas Arreola, Alpha Chapter founder, Enrique Arreola, and the Arreola family,” said NAK National Alumni Association CEO Angel Barajas. “This is a testament that brothers are willing to leverage there financial resources and networks to strengthen our fraternity. Lastly, the NAA is in continued discussions with several brothers who are willing to provide monthly and yearly donations to the scholarship fund. We hope this will inspire others to do the same.”

The scholarship funds will be managed by and administered by the NAK National Alumni Association – go here to learn more about the NAA.


If you have any questions about the scholarship funds or the NAK scholarship program, please contact NAA Director of Scholarship Sergio Fuentes at