The Nu Alpha Kappa National Alumni Association was established in 2014.

The NAA is the governing body of and National representative for the alumni of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity – including the active local & regional alumni associations along with individual alumni members of the NAA.

Our goals as the NAA are to support & advise all NAK undergraduate and alumni members in their life-long commitment to the fraternity’s core ideals of education, culture & brotherhood.

The National Alumni Association is committed to:

  • Promoting civic and professional service by our brothers.
  • Providing a platform for continued support, development and growth for NAK alumni.
  • Establishing the principles and ideals of NAK into our civic and business community to provide leadership and service to the best of our ability.
  • And continuing the growth and development of NAK alumni as leaders, professionals, brothers, and men.

The NAA will utilize our powerful and expansive network to support and develop our regional alumni associations & mentor our undergraduate members.

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