A: Prospective members must be enrolled in an accredited four-year college or university. Students must possess a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average. In addition, interested men should demonstrate leadership, commitment to the principles of academic and personal excellence, cultural awareness, community service, and brotherhood. 
A: Any man who has satisfied the criteria and fulfilled the requirements may apply for membership in Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. Though our diverse membership is predominantly Latino, NAK encompasses and values all cultures. 
A: Meeting the needs of the Latino community is the core foundation of NAK. While embodying the principals of Academic Excellence, Culture and Brotherhood, each chapter creates its own identity in order to meet the needs of its respective campus and community.

A: The expansion process spans approximately 5-6 months; depending on the group’s ability to move through the process, and is broken into the following components:

  • Informational Program
  • N.A.C.O. – NAK Affiliated Community Organization
  • COATL – Chapter Founding Father Intake Process