From the National Director of Programming…

Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity is like no other fraternal brotherhood ever imagined. We share special bonds that are created and developed throughout our lives. Part of the development of this brother is the ways in which we interact. Many of these bonds are built within the chapter and make each chapter’s brotherly bond incredibly strong, while bonds between chapters are built through chapter interactions and our national programs assist in the process of making the whole brotherhood stronger.

Our national programs work to develop the brother as an individual in mind, body and culture and develop the brotherhood as a collective. The four national programs allow each brother an opportunity to develop and nurturer those bonds throughout theirs lives and are designed to provide the brotherhood to develop its brothers at all levels of their academic, personal and professional lives. Pledgefest brings all potential brothers together for the first time and allows the individual to see how the brotherhood is built and cultured in to a never breaking bond.

The National Leadership Development Conference brings the leaders of each chapter together for a weekend of professional development and to help create stronger chapters.

NAKfest allows all brothers the opportunity to come together with their families and friends and continue to build those bonds between brothers in athletic competition.

National Sports League puts chapter against chapter in a year-long sports tournament to not only determine which chapter is the most athletic but also to provide another avenue for regional chapters to foster their relationships with each other.

Overall the bond a NAK feels is strong the use of our national programs allows all NAKs to meet, develop and grow with one another.

National Director of Programming


NAKFest is the signature event of Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. It is the annual family reunion of our brotherhood. Alumni reconnect with old friends. Undergraduates gain motivation to pursue greater success in community service and campus participation. For initiates and new members it is often the event that opens their eyes to the power of NAK as a living organization.

The first NAKFest took place in 1989 when the Founding Chapter, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo hosted the only other chapter at that time, San Jose State University. It was originally held on the weekend that coincided with the date of NAK’s anniversary, February 26. In 1999 the event was officially moved to the month of April to take advantage of better weather.

No more than 50 NAK brothers attended the first NAKFest. The two chapters competed against each other in games of softball, football, and basketball. Although we don’t know the exact outcome of each game, Cal Poly claims to have won the sports championship that year, and for several years following. The rest of the weekend included an official business meeting to discuss NAK’s constitutional by-laws, and performances by the chapters.

By 1996 NAK had added two more chapters to its ranks. Although the fundamental essence of NAKFest remained, several significant changes had occurred. That year when the chapter at Sonoma State University hosted approximately 200 NAKs, including the brothers from San Diego State who chartered a bus for the trip, the attendance had nearly quadrupled in size compared to the first year of NAKFest. What had started out as a regular business meeting had come to serve as the venue for electing members of our National Board. As for the official NAKFest party, by now featuring a dinner and dance at a local hotel or banquet hall, it had begun to develop the reputation throughout the state as an event not to miss.

One thing that remained the same was Cal Poly once again being crowned victors of the sports competition. However that, too, would ultimately change. Throughout the many years of NAKFest several different sports competitions have been held. The most common sports at NAKFest have been football and basketball, with soccer another frequent event. Other sports played throughout NAKFest history include softball, volleyball, cross-country running, handball, tug-o-war, and even a pie-eating contest!

This year the brotherhood will enjoyed festivities at the Beta Chapter, SDSU inviting nearly 2000 brothers of Nu Alpha Kappa, and all of family and friends. The gathering has grown from two chapters in Central California to 21 chapters across California, Nevada and Colorado. The Spring time family tradition continues, as we all reunite for a weekend of fun and excite as only the brothers of Nu Alpha Kappa can do. For information on NAKFest, please email

Previous NAKFest Hosting Chapters

  • 1989 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 1990 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 1991 San Jose State University, Alpha Chapter
  • 1992 San Diego State University, Beta Chapter
  • 1993 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 1994 San Diego State University, Beta Chapter
  • 1995 San Jose State University, Alpha Chapter
  • 1996 Sonoma State University, Gamma Chapter
  • 1997 Stanislaus State University, Delta Chapter
  • 1998 Fresno State University, Epsilon Chapter
  • 1999 UC Santa Barbara, Zeta Chapter
  • 2000 Santa Clara, Eta Chapter
  • 2001 Chico State University, Theta Chapter
  • 2002 Sacramento State University, Iota Chapter
  • 2003 UC Davis, Kappa Chapter
  • 2004 UC San Diego, Lambda Chapter
  • 2005 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 2006 UC Los Angeles, Rho Chapter
  • 2007 Colorado State University – Ft. Collins, Mu Chapter
  • 2008 San Jose State University, Alpha Chapter
  • 2009 UC Riverside, Nu Chapter
  • 2010 San Diego State University, Beta Chapter
  • 2011 CSU Monterey Bay, Xi Chapter


For many of our brothers, the first national event they have attended is Pledgefest.

Pledgefest began at our U.C. Santa Barbara (Zeta Chapter) in 1995 and exists to foster a sense of unity among all attending Little Brothers in order that they develop lasting relationships, thus strengthening our inter-chapter bonds. This event also allows the existing brotherhood to reflect on their experience as a Little Brother while reminding brothers of the fraternity of NAK’s goals and purposes. It is a one of a kind activity for our organization as it represents our commitment to our goals of academics, culture and brotherhood.

During PledgeFest our Little Brothers interact with their counterparts from the various NAK chapters. They spend the weekend participating in team-building activities and attending training sessions to develop their leadership and organizing skills.

Our Little Brothers especially appreciate the opportunity to meet and talk with undergraduate and alumni Brothers from other chapters, as well as members of the National Board during this early stage of the NAK experience.

Stay tuned to this page for the latest information, for questions feel free to email

Previous Pledgefest Hosting Chapters

  • 1995 UC Santa Barbara, Zeta Chapter
  • 1996 Chapter
  • 1997 Chapter
  • 1998 Chapter
  • 1999 UC San Diego, Lambda Chapter
  • 2000 UC Davis, Kappa Chapter
  • 2001 San Jose State University, Alpha Chapter
  • 2002 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 2003 CSU Stanislaus, Delta Chapter
  • 2004 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 2005 UC Santa Barbara, Zeta Chapter
  • 2006 CSU Monterey Bay, Xi Chapter
  • 2007 CSU Sacramento, Iota Chapter
  • 2008 CSU Northridge, Pi Chapter
  • 2009 CSU Chico, Theta Chapter
  • 2010 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter

National Leadership Development Conference

NLDC was started in 1998 with the mission to empower the leadership of Nu Alpha Kappa with the skills to run their chapter effectively during the upcoming school year. NLDC is an annual event to prepare our undergraduate chapter officers and emerging leaders for the coming academic year. Chapters send delegates to NLDC in order to learn skills relating to their elected positions, gain perspectives on chapter operations from other members and bond with the brothers from each chapter.

NLDC also serves as a venue for our NAK leaders of all chapters, both undergraduate and alumni, to gather in open forums and discuss the important issues facing our brotherhood. Allowing our brothers to share a vision of leadership and begin the process of planning the next academic year.

This last year, NLDC was hosted by our Rho Chapter at UCLA bring together the over 200 of our undergraduate and alumni leadership. Each experience is different and each year this conference sets the stage for the coming year. In 2011, NLDC will make its way to our Tau Chapter at the California Polytechnic State University, Pomona in early August. More information and sponsorship oppportunies on NLDC can be obtained by contacting the National Director of Programming,

Previous National Leadership Development Conference Hosting Chapters

  • 1998 Iota Chapter, CSU Sacramento
  • 1999 Delta Chapter, CSU Stanislaus
  • 2000 Zeta Chapter, UC Santa Barbara
  • 2001 Gamma Chapter, CSU Sonoma
  • 2002 Beta Chapter, San Diego State University
  • 2003 Epsilon Chapter, CSU Fresno
  • 2004 Iota Chapter, CSU Sacramento
  • 2005 Lambda Chapter, UC San Diego
  • 2006 Delta Chapter, CSU Stanislaus
  • 2007 Iota Chapter, CSU Sacramento
  • 2008 Omicron Chapter, Univ. of Nevada, Reno
  • 2009 Rho Chapter UC Los Angeles
  • 2010 Sigma Chapter, Univ. of Northern Colorado, Greeley
  • 2011 Tau Chapter, Cal Poly, Pomona