Pledgefest 2014 – CSU Sacramento


For many of our brothers, the first national event they will have ever attended was Pledgefest.

Pledgefest began at our U.C. Santa Barbara (Zeta Chapter) in 1995 and exists to foster a sense of unity among all attending Little Brothers in order for them to develop lasting relationships, thus strengthening our inter-chapter bonds. This event also allows the existing brotherhood to reflect on their experience as a Little Brother while reminding brothers of NAK’s goals and purposes. It is a one of a kind activity for our organization as it represents our commitment to our goals of academics, culture, and brotherhood.

During PledgeFest our Little Brothers interact with their counterparts from the various NAK chapters. They spend the weekend participating in team-building activities and attending training sessions to develop their leadership and organization skills.

Our Little Brothers especially appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with undergraduate and alumni Brothers from other chapters, as well as members of the National Board during this early stage of the NAK experience.

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Previous Pledgefest Hosting Chapters:

  • 1995 UC Santa Barbara, Zeta Chapter
  • 1996 Chapter
  • 1997 Chapter
  • 1998 Chapter
  • 1999 UC San Diego, Lambda Chapter
  • 2000 UC Davis, Kappa Chapter
  • 2001 San Jose State University, Alpha Chapter
  • 2002 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 2003 CSU Stanislaus, Delta Chapter
  • 2004 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 2005 UC Santa Barbara, Zeta Chapter
  • 2006 CSU Monterey Bay, Xi Chapter
  • 2007 CSU Sacramento, Iota Chapter
  • 2008 CSU Northridge, Pi Chapter
  • 2009 CSU Chico, Theta Chapter
  • 2010 Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Founding Chapter
  • 2011 UC Davis, Kappa Chapter
  • 2012 CSU Stanislaus, Delta Chapter
  • 2013 University of Nevada, Reno, Omicron Chapter
  • 2014 CSU Sacramento, Iota Chapter